"Yahoo! So many compliments in town. Love them."

Valerie Lubric (Aroha Long Canvas Boots)

"Just thought I'de let you know the package arrived safely yesterday. Thanks so much for sending, the cushion covers are beautiful."


About us

"Today I painted with passion and love in a beautiful creative flow from above.

I know money is important in this world but I never wanted to push my gift to a bad place by painting just for the money. I only want to paint from an authentic creative flow because that's how I bring something beautiful into people's lives.

I am thankful that I can print art on things and  spread the happiness and love of this land, sky and sea far and wide."         

              Miranda Jane Caird.

Miranda Has been painting since 2003 and she has become a well known New Zealand painter in that time. Her work has often featured on the cover of New Zealand Contemporary Art Calendars and her paintings are in private collections both in New Zealand and around the world.